10 Things That Make The Williams Home, Inc. Perfect for Mom

Choosing a home for mom may seem like a daunting task, but there are few places that fulfill as many checkboxes on your list as The Williams Home, Inc. does. This non-profit home for ladies located in Lynchburg, Virginia deserves a second (or third!) glance as you narrow your search of the perfect home for mom.

Here are 10 things that make The Williams Home, Inc. perfect for mom:

1. Ladies Only Retirement Home

Calling all ladies! If you’re looking for a place for mom that provides a comfortable environment with like-minded residents, consider a ladies-only option. The Williams Home, Inc. provides the quiet comforts of a familiar home environment which appeals to aging ladies. Reminiscent of an era that’s long since past, this exclusive home makes retiring here an experience worth noticing. To up the ante, your mom will also experience an all-female staff.

2. Round the Clock Assisted Living Care 

The Williams Home, Inc. provides three levels of assisted living, from independent living to moderate assisted living, all while having a nurse or RMA on duty 24/7. While consistent care may not always be necessary, having the option available can alleviate unnecessary worry. Knowing that mom will be taken care of no matter the time of day is well worth the investment. 

3. A Retirement Community Unlike Any Other

When Mr. James Luther Williams, founder of The Williams Home, Inc. drew up his will and determined what his legacy would be, he envisioned a non-profit community for aging ladies in Lynchburg, Virginia. When it first launched, there were only 11 residents, but that number has grown far beyond that first group.

The residents of The Williams Home, Inc. not only consider themselves residents but also friends. The Williams Home, Inc. strives to connect each resident with the community that’s been created over the decades. Whether it’s a shopping trip or another fun excursion, the residents enjoy spending time with fellow residents and friends year-round. 

Marian, a resident at The Williams Home, Inc. states that the ladies, who she considers “sisters”, are thoughtful and kind and are what makes this place the one to choose. 

“The ladies just seem to care about each other and go out of their way to talk to people and carry on a real conversation. It’s like a step back in time when people had time for conversations, enjoy a cup of tea, make friends, and have real friendships. This is the place for you,” Marian says.

4. Over 70 Years of Experience

When choosing a place for mom, you want an option that has been around the block a few times. New communities may offer flashy new things to pique your interest, but that doesn’t mean they understand the ins and outs of what your mom really needs. Learning from experience is a valuable quality, and longevity offers insights into how to handle the unexpected. The Williams Home, Inc. has been in business for 70 years, and they specialize in gracious retirement living for ladies.

5. The Retirement Home’s Scenery

There’s no denying that there’s a certain charm to Lynchburg, Virginia. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Williams Home, Inc.sits on a gorgeous piece of land in one of Lynchburg’s finest neighborhoods. Watching the four seasons throughout the year is a favorite pastime of the residents, and seasonal trips and activities adorn their updated monthly activity calendars.

“It’s gorgeous. All the trees and everything that makes it so beautiful in the spring and summer…They (the staff) take us through the city, different places like that and different neighborhoods here. It’s nice.”

– Marian, a resident of The Williams Home

6. Proximity to Major Cities

Lynchburg may seem a little more out of the way than other areas, but its proximity to larger cities makes it an ideal location for those who want the quaintness of a small town but amenities of larger cities. Richmond, Charlottesville, and Roanoke are all nearby, no more than two hours away at most with Roanoke access less than an hour away. But even without leaving, Lynchburg boasts enviable amenities with plenty of dining options, shopping, and activities that can appeal to any resident! 

7. Reputation of the Retirement Community

You wouldn’t make a large purchase without first checking reviews, so why would it be any different for the place mom may one day call home? The reputation of a place goes well beyond just the four walls of the establishment. Friends and family won’t stop at the chance to tell you what they’ve heard about a certain place, so ask around! The Williams Home, Inc. boasts great reviews, both online and in-person, and you’ll likely find out about the excellent care offered. 

“The Williams Home, Inc. is a wonderful place to live and has a home-like atmosphere.”

– Resident of The WIlliams Home, Inc. for more than 20 years

8. Affordability of Assisted Living Options

With some of the lowest monthly rents in the area, it’s no surprise that affordability ranks as one of the top reasons why people choose The Williams Home, Inc. as their personal residence. Save on rent while enjoying many of the same perks as higher-end retirement communities!

9. Trust & Dependability

When it comes to leaving your loved one in the hands of someone else, it’s important to have the trust and dependability you need to feel at ease. You’ve no doubt read the horror stories of places that are lax on their standard of care, so finding a place both you and mom feel good about is a huge part of the process. You can trust that The Williams Home, Inc. will go above and beyond to ensure that mom will be well taken care of, and their glowing reviews from past and present residents can attest to that.

“You’re not living with a bunch of strangers. I like knowing who I’m living with. I like the size, I think it makes it homey.”

– Resident from The Williams Home, Inc. on why the size of the home makes a difference.

10. Amenities That Matter

If you’ve done any amount of searching for a home for mom, you’ve likely discovered that every community offers its own list of amenities. While these often initially grab the attention of the casual reviewer, they may not always be what’s important to mom.

At The Williams Home, Inc., every amenity offered has been thoughtfully designed with the residents at the forefront. The satisfaction of each and every resident is important to the dedicated staff, and activity calendars and events reflect those details. From in-house shopping options to onsite beauticians, the residents of The Williams Home, Inc. enjoy what means the most to them, not just what’s convenient to offer.

Take a Tour of The Williams Home, Inc.

The Williams Home, Inc. may be the perfect home for your mom, and we want you to schedule a visit to see firsthand what sets us apart from the rest! We would love to take you on a tour of our beautiful facilities and give you a taste of what retiring with grace can look like in Lynchburg, Virginia.