At-Home Healthcare vs. Assisted Living

If you are debating between at-home healthcare or an assisted living facility, you need all of the information to make an educated choice that will be the best fit for your loved one. You want an option that will give your loved one maximum dignity and independence, while also providing them with the very best care. 

So what’s the difference between at-home healthcare and assisted living? 

At-home healthcare

At-home healthcare is ideal for a patient who needs assistance in their day to day life but still wants to live in their own home or with their family. It is also wonderful for people who would benefit from the company and the assistance of a caring companion.

At-home healthcare can offer your family a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Allowing your loved one to stay in your/their own home.
  • Safe, comfortable, consistent environment.
  • Lower cost than an assisted living or skilled nursing facility.
  • Allows for any level of independence your loved one can manage.
  • Customizable care options, from 24-hour medical attention to drop-in companionship and everything in between. These options may vary by location, but most agencies will work with you to customize your options for your care needs.

At-home healthcare might also be recommended for the scenarios listed below:

  • Following an in-patient hospitalization, rehabilitation, or a stay at a skilled nursing facility.
  • When a patient has had a recent medication change, in order to monitor for side effects and assure a new medication is effective.
  • When patients experience an overall decline in functioning. This can help them to regain independence through therapy or allow them to remain at home for a longer period of time. 

Assisted living

Assisted living facilities are very different from at-home healthcare options. In general, people who live in assisted living communities require little to no medical care and can live relatively independently. Assisted living is more focused on providing groups of active seniors a safe, positive community to live in together. 

There are often many activities, social functions, and enrichment opportunities available to the residents, and the focus is much less on constant medical care. Assisted living can be a wonderful option for relatively healthy seniors to live in a community with one another while having some level of medical supervision and care available to them onsite. 

The Williams Home, Inc. Activity Director offers a wide variety of activities daily. The goal is for each resident to maintain their individuality and have varied opportunities to be as active and engaged as they want to be.

Here’s a sampling of events at The Williams Home, Inc.:

  • Wellness activities such as chair yoga
  • Current events discussions
  • Bible study groups
  • The arts: singing, dancing, playing music
  • Shopping and lunch outings
  • Special seasonal and holiday activities 

Want to learn more? Check out a sample activity calendar here.