Top Benefits of Placing Mom in a Senior Community in Lynchburg

Children of aging parents can feel conflicted when the decision arrives to put a loved one in someone else’s care, but it can often be the best thing that you do for them. As with any major decision, you must weigh the pros and cons and decide on the option that fulfills both you and your mom’s goals for her quality of life. So what are the benefits of putting mom in a senior community?

Peace of Mind

It comes with no surprise that one of the benefits of finding a home for mom is peace of mind. As much as you may hate to admit it, it’s practically impossible to be there for mom in every situation. Placing mom in a senior community offers peace of mind knowing that even when you’re away, she’s never alone. Someone will be there to assist her if necessary, and she’ll have the social interaction she needs.

Safety in Senior Communities

You want mom to be safe no matter where she is, whether it’s in her own home or a senior community. As mom ages, her independence may come at the cost of her safety. You never know when she may have an accident or be subjected to unsafe conditions due to waning physical or mental capabilities. With someone always available, senior living communities offer a larger scope of safety if a need does arise.

Regular Physical Activity

According to the American Journal of Public Health,

“Moderate exercise 3 to 5 times per week for at least 30 minutes produces multiple health benefits for older adults at most levels of functional ability. However, older adults are the most sedentary population in the United States, with more than 60% failing to participate in regular physical activity.”

Senior living communities provide ample opportunities for residents to move their bodies and stay on a consistent schedule. These activities are tailored for the aging adult, making it less likely that mom will feel overwhelmed and want to quit. Knowing she’ll get to socialize while doing so can also help increase the likelihood she enjoys and keeps up with her routine.

New Friendships in Senior Communities

Making friends definitely gets more difficult as you age, and senior living communities can help mom eliminate some of the loneliness that naturally comes with aging. These new friendships can be some of the most wonderful experiences mom may have and can add a level of excitement and adventure to her senior years. 

Newfound Hobbies and Interests

Senior living communities often provide a variety of activities and outings for their residents to enjoy. This can help stave the boredom that can arise from being less active in the community as mom once was in her younger years. Knitting or crocheting, yoga or aquatic therapy, puzzles or memory/card games, bird watching or gardening, etc. are just a few of the hobbies many elderly residents pick up as they age. 

Deciding to place mom in a retirement community doesn’t have to be a burden. Once you know what’s most important to her and what options can fit her lifestyle, you can both enjoy finding a place that really feels like home for mom. Take a tour of The Williams Home, Inc. today, and see if it’s the right fit for you and your mom!